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Find Out the Different Welding Services For Your Specific Needs

Different welding services would apply to the repair of any kind of metal. Depending on the kind of job, various types of techniques can be used. It is thus better that you know what processes are used in a particular welding company so you can decide if they are the right company to take care of your particular needs.

The first kind of process that a welding service uses is the arc welding. This type of welding service uses different methods so that the process is done. Here, all power supply is used in order to obtain an electrical arch that will be obtain at specific point to melt the metal.

There are options to choose from in this particular arc welding, and the first one is called the shielded metal arc or SMAW, and this is the most commonly used process for steel and iron, and also for aluminum, nickel and copper alloys. In the past, SMAW was used in the construction of steel structures and in industrial fabrication, although today, this is also used firstly in the repair and maintenance industries.

The next type of arc welding is the gas metal arc welding or the GMAW, where because of its flexibility, speed and adaptability to robotic automation, has become the first choice of industrial welding service. Note that the component of this process is mainly gas and thus cannot be performed outside or in places volatility of air is guaranteed.

Another type of arc welding is the gas tungsten arc or GTAW in which the method can be used on all kinds of metal, although usually used on metals that are light like stainless steel. Some examples of the common equipment that use this type of applications are on bicycle, aircraft and naval.

Arch welding has also another type of process where the arc is placed under a covering layer of flux thus protecting the surface from the contaminants, and this is called SAW or submerged arc. With the arc being covered because of the covering layer, no smoke is generated equating it for a better working condition. Large products and pressure vessels are the common outputs in industries that use this kind of welding.

The second type of welding process is the gas welding, a process that is considered as the oldest and most flexible welding processes but lately is used less in industrial applications. The main use of this process today is in the repair works of pipes and tubes, using materials that are generally not expensive and easy to use.

When talking to a company for welding services, it is advisable that you consider one that has experience in your particular needs so you will have the best results.
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